Kat Palmiotti

Kat Palmiotti

Helping Your Montana Dreams Take Root.

Do you dream of owning that perfect piece of Montana? Where your mornings start with a cup of coffee on your deck watching the sun rise over the mountains? Do you want to enjoy deer and elk roaming your land? Would you like a sunny place for a vegetable garden? Or perhaps acreage that would allow you to walk out the door to enjoy fishing, hunting, or hiking, without ever getting in your car?

If yes, Kat is the real estate broker to call. She's spent her life enjoying all that Mother Nature has to provide, so knows the value of that perfect land parcel. In addition, after recently purchasing her own slice of heaven and building the home her family had until then only dreamt of, she has hands-on knowledge of the entire process. Kat has more than a decade of real estate experience, love of the land, and problem solving skills enable her to smoothly guide your Montana journey. Hopefully with some fun thrown in!

If you are looking for a piece of Montana to call home, Kat can help. Call her. She's got her hiking boots ready to go.

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